Vivid Vision Newsletter for July 2016

Our newsletter will provide you with a healthy stream of progress updates and news on everything regarding Vivid Vision. On this edition, we want to share a few exciting pieces of news!

Our newsletter will provide you with a healthy stream of progress updates and news on everything regarding Vivid Vision. On this edition, we want to share a few exciting pieces of news!

Vivid Vision Spotlights Podcast

Dr. Susan Barry joins us on the third episode of our special podcast series. Come along as we examine the amblyopic brain and weigh in the pros and cons of doing vision therapy Vs. surgery.

Howard Rose, a pioneer in the virtual reality industry joins the podcast to discuss the role virtual reality plays in the realm of medicine. Check it out!

Dr. Paul Harris comes on the podcast to expand our minds on the rate of technological progress in Vision Therapy. 

New Vivid Vision Providers

More and more clinics are getting set up with Vivid Vision every month! It is our pleasure to announce the seven new practices with VV:

Cimarron Family Vision Center in Tucson, Arizona

Fitzroy North Eye Center Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia

Utah Vision Development Center South Jordan, Utah

Kageyama Vision Campbell, California

Advanced Vision Center Schaumburg, Illinois

20/20 Sight and Style Mornington, Victoria, Australia

Eyecare Plus Bundoora Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vivid Vision visits Sydney Australia for the Australasian College of Behavioral Optometry's 2016 Conference

Tuan and James brought our Vivid Vision to Australia!

We had a great time demoing Vivid Vision and interacting with attendants.

Vivid Vision visits the Colorado Vision Summit!

Manish conducting a demo to a captive audience.

Dr. Tuan Tran guiding a participant through our demo.

Meet the Vivid Vision Team

Our team will be attending various conferences along with lecturing at optometry schools across the world. If you are planning to attend or within the vicinity and would like a demo, please let us know!

Santa Clara, CA - Silicon Valley AR&AI Future Forum August 16th

Toronto, ON - COVT&R Conference August 26

London, UK - 25th BABO Annual Meeting September 18th

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Until next time,

The Vivid Vision Team

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