Diplopia On EnterVR Podcast

James and Manish join EnterVR host Cris Miranda for an hour long podcast.

The topics discussed start with Diplopia updates, the experience of growing up with lazy eye, and the response we have received from eye care professionals and end with a look at the future of VR, geoengineering, and genetic engineering.

It was an absolute blast talking with Cris, I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it!

40: The story of how Diplopia came about. Discovering the Rift and seeing 3D for the first time.

1:44 How Manish and James paired up to form Apollo VR.

2:44 The current stage in development. Diplopia updates.

3:20 How does Diplopia work? What makes it possible for VR to potentially treat lazy eye?

6:00 How did they figure out their methodology would work?

7:14 The most common methods to treat lazy eye today.

8:30 What does it feel like to have a lazy eye?

9:30 What is it like to grow up with lazy eye?

11:14 The psychological impacts of having an eye condition.

14:04 The causes and roots of different eye conditions.

15:02 The percentage of the population that has vision problems and how this can pose an obstacle to the adoption of virtual reality.

20:10 How can VR companies/developers get around the issue of people who cannot see in 3D. How to make vr more accessible.

23:14 Monetizing

23:48 The biggest challenges facing the team.

25:11 The response from Optometrist and vision therapists.

27:05 Age ranges for people trying out the Diplopia software.

29:00 How to raise funding for an idea like theirs.

32:32 Would you drink your own milk?

33:15 Would you drink lab grown milk made from human DNA?

36:43 What would you do with your time if there were no electricity for 1 year?

42:00 How long it will take for humans to be able to manipulate the planet’s weather.

43:34 It is easier than ever to genetically modify things at home.

46:00 Google’s project to keep you living forever.

47:42 Genetically engineering a super virus in your garage.

50:00 What is the allure of VR?

51:50 What components are needed to cross the uncanny valley.

53:42 What are the most far fetched predictions for what VR will do to our culture.

58:51 Is VR a way to escape reality or will it enhance the way we perceive reality?

1:00:45 What will be the most important thing to happen to humanity in this century? Technology and its unpredictability in the future.

1:02:00 Does thinking about the future scare you or excite you?

1:02:50 Can VR be used to augment humans?

1:04:00 How will people react to the rise of cyborgs or lab grown humans?

1:07:50 Closing thoughts and how to stay touch.

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