Vivid Vision v2.73 Patch Update

We have released a patch which contains a new game, interface changes, bug fixes and more!

We have released a patch which contains a new game, interface changes, bug fixes and more! 

You can view the updated Games and Activities manual here. If you'd like to save a copy of the manual to your computer, right-click on the link and select Save Target As.

Flash Match is a new visual processing game we've added in this patch! Progress through arrows, figure orientation, and letter reversal levels by shooting targets with a laser!

Key changes to the clinical software include:

  • New game visual processing game called Flash Match
  • Interface overhaul to categorize games into anti-suppression, stereopsis, oculomotor, and visual processing games
  • Enable Split Deviation moved under Virtual Prism
  • Hoopie now supports the use of VR controllers
  • Ring Runner now supports the use of both VR controllers + stereo ship feature to allow both eyes to see the spaceship but only the amblyopic eye will see the markers
  • Pepper Picker now has a function to temporarily hide plants
  • Bubbles now includes a Show Answer feature - the correct bubble will be highlighted in green and only visible on the monitor view
  • Turbo modified for easy, medium, hard, insane, and customized target placement
  • All games, activities, and tests have an in-launcher tips menu

Bug fixes and other changes:

  • Changed name of Vergence activity to “Step Vergence”
  • Fixed Recentering issue in Ready scene
  • Fixed rendering artifacts on distant asteroids in Ring Runner
  • Fixed issues where game and activity data would not log at times and reworked offline data syncing
  • Fixed an issue where ball size was incorrect after switching control modes in Breaker
  • Fixed an issue where bubble targets would stop spawning in Bubbles
  • Fixed low frame rate in Turbo when many targets were spawned
  • Updating a patient’s Dominant Eye will not also update this for their Home settings
  • Fixed an issue where the Left and Right triggers on VR controllers would not work at times

Email us at or call us at 1-877-877-0310 if you have questions or issues.

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